LearnMe Versus TAFE

LearnMe Versus TAFE

Is online learning worth it?

We get asked this often. And if you’re choosing your next step in education, it’s important you get this right.

Even if you’re off to Uni, a lot of what you study now will be delivered via online learning modules, instead of face to face.

The trend started long before Covid.

So, it’s worth taking a look at the pros and cons of online learning – especially if you’re choosing between a private educator like LearnMe – or a much bigger institution like TAFE.

They’re not the same. There are lots of differences that might affect you.

We’ll do our best to talk you through the things our students said were important.

What do the experts say about online learning?

If by ‘experts’ you mean Academic Studies – then there is a lot they have to say about learning online.

It depends what side of the debate you start on.

Universities and TAFE’s look at online learning to cut their overhead costs. Naturally, the Studies that look at online learning published by big universities tend to favour it well.

Other reports look at online learning from the individual’s viewpoint, and recognise the need to be responsible – it’s not all about saving the universities money.

No matter where you study, there’s no going back from online learning. It’s right here right now.

So, it’s vital to choose the BEST online learning provider for your learning style.

Are the qualifications the same?

Whether you choose LearnMe or TAFE, the qualification you receive at the end is exactly the same.

In fact, a number of TAFE teachers have recently decided to study with LearnMe instead!

Qualifications in Australia are issued through the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). That means you receive the same qualification if you choose to study at TAFE or a private education provider like LearnMe.

The AQF framework does not set the cost of qualifications though, so make sure you compare prices first.

LearnMe’s prices are highly competitive.

Customer Service (Student Support)

Customer service is something that isn’t front of mind for most Students looking for a place to study.

But, the right Student Support can turn a bad day into a good day really quickly!  

When you study I.T., nothing should add unnecessary stress – especially waiting to hear back from Admin about basic questions.

Larger institutions like TAFE or the Uni’s have ‘layers’ of Admin.

In our experience, it’s often hard to get to the person you need to talk to – or even find the right email address for your questions.

Contacting LearnMe is simple:

Email – info@learnme.edu.au.
Phone – 1300 859 094.
Get in touch using Messenger for a quick call-back.

All LearnMe students enjoy ‘Rapid Response’ from our friendly Admin staff. Our staff even know most of our students by name.

Cost of TAFE versus LearnMe

Okay, this is a big one. Money makes the world go around.

We’d much rather save you money to update to the latest laptop or desktop computer to complete your Certificate I, II or III in I.T. with LearnMe.

A recent Report discovered that online courses were sometimes more expensive, when in theory, they should be cheaper.

We had to be sure.

We compared LearnMe’s most popular Certificate III I.T. course to TAFE Queensland as a guide. (Remember, TAFE in your State might be more expensive again.)

Spoiler alert: We came out on top!

Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology

TAFE’s Price:

Full fee AU $5,325

Study Online with LearnMe:

AU $1,980

(Source: TAFE Queensland website.)


Going to TAFE for exactly the same qualification would cost you a lot more.

It’s worth mentioning that according to MySkills.gov.au, the national average cost of the same course was $4,180 – still well above LearnMe’s price.

We are dedicated online educators, with no overheads like campuses.

It’s how we keep costs down.

TAFE intake dates versus LearnMe: (start date for Courses 2021)

This is important – especially if you’re studying I.T. to look for a new job, or upgrade your qualifications as a P.D. (Professional Development) requirement.

Most Uni’s and TAFE publish set intake dates. You don’t always just start when you want to – or need to.

LearnMe is different. You start any time.

We’re fully online so just enrol and get started. It’s that simple!

Does my RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) count?

If you already have skills and experience in I.T., you can apply for RPL with both TAFE and LearnMe.

TAFE Queensland’s website says:

“This will depend on the evidence you present.  Our recognition of prior learning team will review the information you supply and determine the level of recognition you are eligible to receive.”

(Source: TAFE Queensland website, December 2020)

The RPL process with LearnMe is assessment only and contains no access to the learning content. If you wish to apply for RPL, choose the RPL price option when you enrol with LearnMe.

The Student Experience

 ‘Student Experience’ is a buzz work you’ll often hear big Uni’s and TAFE using.

It’s a kind way of saying they have to compete with each other with bigger, newer, more expensive facilities to attract first-time or International Students…

…then they deliver lots of course content online anyway!

Our advice? Make the most of your extra-curricular activities like hobbies, groups and working a job for your face-to-face interactions.

LearnMe’s courses let you study wherever, whenever you like.

This leaves you freedom for ‘outside’ interactions and connections to learn valuable life lessons and people skills.

Online remote area study

If you don’t you live in a remote area, you might think living in the bush has nothing to do with the high-tech world of I.T.

But, you’d be wrong.

Remote area activities like farming and mines are I.T. savvy, with complex computing systems and software getting the best out of the land.

So, where do you study if you already live in a remote area, with no access to a TAFE or Uni campus?

This is where online learning may be the only option available to you – especially if you don’t want to (or can’t) move away from home.

Our prices are all online to see how we compare.

Still unsure if online learning is for you?

It’s okay.

Take a minute to answer these questions, then ask yourself the same question:

  • Do you already use technology daily?
  • Do you prefer to study your way, where you want, when you want?
  • Do you need to study around time for hobbies or a job?
  • Is Uni or TAFE looking expensive?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then studying an online Certificate I, II or III in I.T. with LearnMe can be for you.

Still got questions? We welcome them all.

We’re also happy to talk with mums, dads, carers, teachers and career Guidance Officers.

Get in touch using Messenger for a priority call back. Or use our Contact page.

We look forward to seeing you (online!) soon.


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