I.T. Jobs for the Future

I.T. Jobs for the Future

Will there be a job waiting if I study I.T. or ICT?

We’re glad you asked!

… And if you’re researching future job prospects as a parent or Career Counsellor advising high school students, we have some great news.

The website joboutlook.com.au is a guide to job prospects put together by the Australian Government. It’s where the Government sees the Australian job landscape going in the future.

Why is that important?

It doesn’t mean you have to work for Government, of course. But it helps to know which direction the country is heading. This may influence the Government’s future policy decisions, which in turn, can affect your job prospects.

Here’s what you need to know…

How Job Outlook can help you decide on a career in I.T.

Job Outlook has some handy Career Tools like ‘Career Quiz’ and ‘Skills Match’ and to help you decide on a career pathway.

You can check info like the average weekly pay of a particular job, and see what sort of skills you need to work in a job like I.T.

The website also rates job growth for different areas from Very Strong down to Decline.

Jobs in ‘Decline’ are things like Bank Workers and Call Centres that might disappear one day (thanks to automation and the Internet).  

The good news is joboutlook.com.au projects ‘very strong’ growth for I.T. jobs like:

Database & Systems Administrators & ICT Security

ICT Business and Systems Analysts

It has ‘strong’ growth for jobs like:

ICT Managers

Some of these roles require high or very high skill levels, which is one of the reasons we recommend you study I.T. early on with a Certificate I (ICT10115), Certificate II (ICT20115)or Certificate III (ICT30118)in Information Digital Media and Technology.

You can study with LearnMe while you’re still at school to get your career off to a flying start.

Or, use our Cert III as a pathway course to boost your ATAR for more I.T. study at Uni.  

How do I know I.T. will still be needed in the future?

 I.T. is older than you think. In fact, the term I.T. has been used since about 1978.

That’s when computers became more accessible and started being used to sort and index information. (Earlier computers were mainly used for complex calculations.)

I.T. (ICT) has continued to grow as a career ever since.  A lot of those early I.T. workers have now started to retire (or have retired already).

This creates a void in the industry that needs to be filled by new I.T. professionals. That’s on top of the I.T. workers already needed to keep up with normal demand from the industry.

Still need convincing?

Try researching some other I.T. industry websites (like ITCareerFinder) or follow leading I.T. industry blogs at:

  • TechCrunch
  • TheNextWeb
  • Wired
  • Tech2
  • Gizmodo

Who else do I talk to about it?

A recent Study revealed parents are the most likely to influence your decision to study I.T. (followed by a Career Counsellor).

LearnMe is happy to talk to students, parents, teachers, and Career Counsellors to tell you everything you need to know.

Make sure you compare our prices first and read our recent Article that compares LearnMe to TAFE. Our qualifications are issued through the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) so education outcomes are exactly the same.

Ready to study I.T.?

LearnMe is standing by and happy to help with any questions you have.

Email – info@learnme.edu.au.
Phone – 1300 859 094.

Or get in touch using Messenger for a quick call-back.

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